Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring Break: A Week of Cousins

We didn't plan much for spring break since Erik was working. However he did have Monday off, so we (the exciting people that we are) painted our kitchen and dining room. Erik and I sure know how to have a good time. Luckily Erik's sister arrived with her kids on Tuesday to rescue Avery and I from a boring spring break. Then on Wednesday we headed to the beach with the kiddos and Grandma and Grandpa Seley. There were plenty of driftwood forts for adventuring and shells for collecting. And the three cousins played and splashed and ran until the late afternoon.

DSC_1908DSC_1909DSC_1916DSC_1917DSC_1930DSC_1933DSC_1938DSC_1943 (2)DSC_1971DSC_1947DSC_1965 DSC_1964DSC_1990DSC_1994DSC_1995 (2)DSC_2005DSC_2017DSC_2021DSC_2028 DSC_2029

On Thursday my sister and I took Avery and baby Ezra to visit our younger brother and his family. Kody and Emily had only seen Ezra in the NICU, and their girls had yet to meet their new cousin. We laughed and napped and snuck in a trip to Dairy Queen after all the cousins were asleep. AND we went to Hobby Lobby, a first for Amy and I since we don't have one where we live (which is probably a good thing). Also, I took an obscene amount of photos of baby Ezra and I'm not even sorry.

DSC_2032DSC_2034 DSC_2037DSC_2044DSC_2050DSC_2053DSC_2054DSC_2057DSC_2061 DSC_2062DSC_2066 DSC_2067DSC_2146DSC_2151DSC_2157DSC_2164

Spring break was pretty great.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Rest of March

So many things happened in March, and there was no way to stop and document them all. As much as I dislike throwing a month's worth of memories into one jumbled up post, it seems to be all I have time for these days. I can't complain though, life is so beautiful right now I wouldn't change a thing. So, without further ado, here is March.

We started out our month by celebrating the 5th anniversary of buying our house (WHAT?!). We've loved our little home, and after going through some old pictures it's become glaringly obvious just how much Avery has grown up here. She's was 3 months shy of her 2nd birthday when we moved in and she'll turn 7 in June (SEVEN?!). I can't even talk about it. But I can show you some pictures of Avery brushing her teeth in her new bathroom sink 5 years ago.

DSC01539 DSC01540

The first weekend in March my Mom, my sister Amy, my friend Tabitha and I had a ladies night out at the ballet. We saw Portland Ballet Theatre's production of Cinderella at Keller Auditorium, and it was amazing. My favorite part was when we all squeezed into a prop carriage in the lobby and one of the employees from Keller took a lot of really crappy photos of us on my phone while making people wait in line for a turn. Also, my sister and I [on accident] wore the same outfit.


We went hiking in the Gorge on one of the most beautiful early spring days we've ever had. Actually, everyone went hiking in the Gorge that day, so the Old Scenic Highway was kind of a nightmare. But it was totally worth it (and Avery made it to the second waterfall on the Horsetail Falls trail).

DSC_0834 DSC_0849DSC_0875DSC_0876 DSC_0883DSC_0893DSC_0903 DSC_0915 

My Dad turned 60, and we took him out to dinner to celebrate. This happened to be while my sister was still in the hospital following her emergency c-section, and my youngest brother and his family weren't able to come down, BUT we still had a great time. Plus it's always fun hanging out with these two cute cousins.


Avery got her report card for the second trimester, and it had all kinds of high marks and comments like "consistently turns in the highest quality work" and "above grade level". It even listed all of her [incredible] math and reading test scores, and at that point it was just ridiculous. My first instinct was the scan it so it could be read in full by everyone, but I figured that was a little braggy. In all seriousness, she works very hard and we really couldn't be more proud.

DSC_1907 DSC_1906

Avery was also able to go to volleyball camp this month and she had an amazing time. She LOVED it so much it was hard to get her to leave. They don't let kids play league volleyball until third grade, but Avery has a countdown going. She's crazy tall for her age (like 100th percentile tall) so it's not a bad sport to be interested in.


The other love of Avery's sporting life is swimming. She's moving into a more advanced swim class after spring break, and she was so determined to get into the class that I was worried about how she'd react if she didn't get in. She can be kind of a nightmare if she doesn't achieve what she considers to be her best. In January we hung one of her spelling tests on the fridge, like we always do, but she pulled it down because she'd missed one and it read "95%" at the top. She later told me she only hangs up tests that say "100%" on them. We're working on it. Well, I am. Erik thinks it's kind of awesome.


I was able to go over a take a few pictures of my new nephew, Ezra, the other day and boy is he a cutie. Just look at this handsome little guy. Avery is so completely besotted with her new cousin that she wrote her St. Patricks Day essay about him. "Who is worth more to you than gold?" Not Mom and was baby Ezra. (It was very sweet.)


Our fruit trees are blossoming and we're trying to find some time to work on our garden. But if all else fails, we'll still have blueberries. There will always be blueberries.


It's a good thing that this week is spring break because we sure needed some time off around here. Especially our tired, hard working, daredevil of a little bird...


Be still my heart.